Taylor Tait and Ruley is a well established law firm in Mission. When they resolved to commission a new website, they also decided to go ahead with a complete rebranding.


The law firm wanted their new site and identity to reflect their location in the Fraser Valley and their  team’s talent. With a short time frame to design and develop their site, exploratory style tile/ mood boards were employed to assess how they wanted to present themselves. This paired with competitive analysis allowed them to quickly decide on a strategic direction.

Style tile / Mood boards


Logos concepts exploring the team’s ideas were developed, as well as simpler typographic solutions. Seeing their ideas materialize, the team quickly moved away from incorporating the city of Mission into their identity and towards a more holistic nature theme.

Logo process

Nailing down strategic and visual themes earlier in the process also made it easier to pare down the logo. Being able to display logo versions with design concepts demonstrated how it was not the sole means of brand conveyance, but that the final selection need to work in synchronicity with the desired direction.
With the final design and identity nailed down, Information Architecture for the small site was quickly established, copy developed and a local photographer engaged to capture the team in a natural, friendly, professional light.

Responsive website