Education Planner website

Education Planner BC is a multi-faceted website that allows students to research, plan and apply for post-secondary education. Working as part of the Bayleaf team, I helped to improve student experience in exploring their post-secondary options.


The site’s goal is to empower BC students with knowledge regarding their post-secondary options. The redesign stripped away many of the gratuitous elements to focus on improving content presentation and search interface for programs and institutions. I also revised the IA to improve navigation and integrate the application service implemented by BCCampus. Wireframes and design were used to work out the complex program filter options for small devices.

Wireframes were used to gain approval for the site’s restructuring and to demonstrate proposed functionality for the community search. Wireframes and design were used to work out the complex program filter options for small devices.

Visual Design

For the redesign, I created a set of modular design components that could be used to break-up dense tracts of information rich text in the Plan section. The elements made content less daunting to approach and made it easier for prospective students to scan and digest. The design incorporated existing website colours and tied into the advertising campaign (at that time).

Marketing and Advertising

Happy with the site’s redesign, the client asked me to turn my attention to their advertising campaign. Having produced their 2 previous campaigns, the client was confident I understood their messaging goals.