FEMs desktop web service

Facility Engagement Management System and Mobile Claims Submission

The Deliverables

The FEMs project had two components.

  1. To develop a workflow and custom, back-end web service to manage and pay doctors for their ‘non-doctoring’ participation in activities to improve the healthcare system.
  2. To create an easy, intuitive mobile app for Doctors to submit their participation time and expenses to.
The Backstory

The Doctors of BC (DoBC), Specialist Services Committee (SSC) fund the Facility Engagement Initiative to ensure that doctors are remunerated for their work outside of medical services. The SSC allocates funds to Physician Societies for Engagement Activities, which doctors are invited to participate in. The Activities, forums to identify issues of concern and to suggest ways to improve the healthcare system, are created, managed and paid out via the custom FEMs system.

wireframe and design process

Facility Engagement Web Service

The desktop management system allows the SSC to manage doctors, organize physician societies, distribute funds and to run reports on Engagement Activities in order measure funding impact and doctor participation.
The system gives Physician Societies the latitude to select which activities to funnel funds towards, as well as the ability set preferences to automate claim approval or manual review. The complex structure and workflow on the backend allows the mobile, doctor-facing app to be simplistic and easy to use.

The Mobile App

Designed with busy doctors in mind, the primary directive was, “It’s gotta be simple”.

The minimal enrollment process made it easy to onboard doctors and the simple claim interface encouraged them to make claims immediately. The easy system and expedited payments helped to increase doctor participation, which in turn is projected to improve patient care, working environments and other important issues.

Drawing upon established design patterns like stepped progressions with display indicators made the application easy to comprehend and interact with. The judicious use of color for claim statuses and minimal data display help keep the application light and easy to read.

Core contributions

On this project I produced the wireframes for both the backend management service and the mobile app. As the timelines for this project were tight, graphic design and interaction design were developed in parallel with the wireframes.

Using Axure, I could create master styles and define reusable components to layer design over the interactive screens. The typography, colors and overall look and feel were based on the supplied Facility Engagement logo. Legibility and accessibility were high considerations in color and type selection.

During the development process I worked closely with developers, product owners and business analysts to clarify requirements, functionality and design intention. I performed rigorous QA testing, doing my darnedest to break everything. For the rollout,  I helped to develop training material and assisted during early training sessions.